of these), is likely to be so placed as to involve the right, or much more
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lation. Official statistics show that in 1851 the to-
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nourished. An attack of choleraic diarrhoea may determine it. As with
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to his eyes, when he sank powerless into a chair, and ren ained there a (piarter
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few times into the conjunctival pouch can be safely
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only apply to considerable prominences). Fagge and Pye Smith
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time has come for the profession to abandon its super-
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insist upon this fact, that the induced currents (called
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and not so easily verifiable as paralysis ; being, however, in various
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obstruction, than in the case of obstruction lower down. Tumours
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There are other cases of acute cardiac failure from causes which perhaps
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ventricle ; and this may give rise to Avell - marked aortic insufficiency
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Muscles under ilechunical and other Excitants," Medical Xeics, Feb. 13, 1SS6.
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offered by the tissues to the escape of red corpuscles from the vessels.
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extremely difficult, an attempt vnW be made to treat of the various
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the respiratory functions, and this may happen in cases of intra-pulmonary
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Dr. J. W. D., of Pa — The Speculum, described in No.
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sufficient to set up reparative exudation, and must not exceed this. . . .
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cases is usually ascribed to interference with the cilio-spinal fil)res in the
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with the intra-venous introduction of milk and sugar.
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classification, which is more pathological than clinical,
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published by Poncet & Oilier, all go to prove the im-
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metal would be able to act more rapidly through the
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is ohen difficult at the necropsy to say precisely where a mediastinal
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of pain. As long as the pulp cavity is not exposed the pain remains local,
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patient being aware of the presence of a foreign body
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cians were overlooked who should have been notified
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lives the ganglionic or sympathetic system, after a few
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It is noAv sufficiently obvious that in all this Ave have to deal Avith an
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to be regarded with disfavor, is now one of the most
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have in my possession the evidence to prove that the
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the pons Varolii at its lower margin. The nucleus lies in a bend (genu)
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overgrowth; and as a result the cavity may contain hundreds of melon-
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' In two paMonts at least under my own care such was the case. In the later of the
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itself in other lesions, both of the intima and of the other coats. A
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and a certain proportion of gouty cases also, end in recovery. A certain
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importance. In fact, it is to a peripheral impression,
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tial aphonia oftentimes readily yield to the inhala-
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marked loss of power or muscular spasm, it may be shown that motor power

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