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throughout the mednllated tracts — less frequently in the gray matter of the

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I have no experience as to the effects of anti-rheumatic remedies in the

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of such a red thrombus be exposed to circulating blood, white material,

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the joints of the affected limb are apt to suffer ; effusion occurs into

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the first arrival of this class of army patients from

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rhago or " rupture of a blood-vessel,' the publicity which has been given,

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colourless or faintly yellow material, which stains Avell with Weigert's

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collateral symptoms of great cardiac failure — dyspnoea, oedema, and

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It is noAv sufficiently obvious that in all this Ave have to deal Avith an

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causing the reaction. In certain cases, far the more numerous, the

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o?dema alone in 76, and together with ascites in 124; ascites alone in

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daily. In bad cases all these measures may be used twice daily ; or

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Med. Journ. 1890, vol. i. p. 14. — 84. Skae. " Vacuolation of Nerve-Cell Nuclei in Cor-

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istrative regulations, and finds all his efforts to over-

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1447. — 113. K.4.RCHEK. Correspondenz-Bl. f. schiveiz. Aerzte, 1897, xxvii. p. 548.- —

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large parasites, such as distomata, by the invasion of tumour-masses,

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had, he should have set it up then and there, or for-

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them to take the matter in hand ; full authority will

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muscular coats, while chronic obstruction will give rise to chronic spasm

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bered that the spasms of strychnia are considered to be reflex.

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stances, the patient is not quite the same as before. There is often slight

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be taken as strong evidence of its infective or toxic origin ; and, in

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at some point between the muscle and the attachment

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and is then often attributable to coldness of the extremities. There are,

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irritation of a number of motor nerve fibres 1 This question naturally

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much speculation and experimental study. It is only in certain situa-

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of serum, non-adherent though entangled with muscular columns and

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sion seemed to demand, until at 4 a. m. , he answered

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