lectures, and only the lectures specified, in order

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When the renal veins are likewise occluded there may be albuminous,

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by continued contraction when their antagonists are

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portant, and especially in the treatment of acute af-

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the arch or its primary branches ; the sac projecting backwards so as to

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rectly in the vermis. If an affection situated in the

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majority occur in the two decades between thirty and fifty ; this is

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sometimes arise earlier than in other vessels ; an exact estimate of the

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water, in which one of the following is dissolved : —

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deprived of their natural translucence, and were of a

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after three injections of pilocarpine began to have a

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degenerative changes ; twice there was also lardaceous disease.

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atrophy. This, however, is not the case ; the change in the nerve-cell

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cannot obtain the wave-like contractions he describes as following the

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has to be sustained in every possible way. With regard to medicinal

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in full the lecture he delivered before the Chicago

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of the disease : Landry's paralysis is a disease which, ushered in usually

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as causes, the catarrh may be generally traced to pel-

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cates the addition of quinine. The energetic action

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injection every three, five or seven days, according to

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fact of the discovery, the presence of the crystals

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Clinical history. — The deltoid is paralysed, and the a'.m cannot be

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When pathological observation is brought to bear on this subject, the

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Joseph Eastmax, M.D. Excision of the Knee Joint, with

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The disease frequently starts in youth, and sometimes in quite young

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can, perhaps, best be called stimulating, although it

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began acutely with severe pains, paraplegia, disturbances of sensation,

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which follows the course of some peripheral nerve or nerve root, but is

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placed the cards. In my last annual report I stated

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134. Guttmann and Levden. Die Influenza- Epidemic, 1889-90. Wiesbaden, 1892. —

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(senile and degenerative states generally) the fixed tissue elements play

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by the aid of this instrument, that a growth had penetrated the trachea ;

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heart being first mapped out with as much precision as possible, especially

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bear to the type of progressive muscular atrophy described by Aran and

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