" Traumatic X. of left Leg, with resulting Changes in right Leg," Loire mtd. Xovtmber
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fibre and a commissural fibre (callosal), after having given off' several
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which may deepen with each paroxysm. The conjunctiva is reddened.
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stiffness gradually becomes less and less in each movement. Walking is
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terminal arliorisations will suffer first when such trophic influence is
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whether due to embolism or thrombosis of arteries, and in cases of
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ganglionic cells in alcoholic polyneuritis ; why should the toxic eff"ect
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wide enough, after obliteration of an arterial branch, to maintain a
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While the sudden occlusion of an artery by an embolus often causes
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some cases the cervical glands swell and become painful ; and over the
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Fi.EXXEP.. Journ. Exp. .Mcd. 1896, i. p. 5. — 67. Welch and Nuttall. Johns Hopkins
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245). It may here be repeated that, according to our experiments, the
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outer one adiieres closely to the iimer wall of the aneurysm ; the
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especially after watching the progress of events for a Avhile.
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traverse a tumour unchanged, as in Steven's case. Infiltration of cancer
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is by no moans invarial)ly the case. The fact is fully recognised that it
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fested, for example, renal disease, lead poisoning, pulmonary fibrosis, and
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discoverer. He says the first phenomena always manifest themselves at
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S. O. Richet, M.D. A case of reproduction of the Membrana
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In two cases in which the skull was examined after death (Hutchinson,
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have occurred. The gradual obliteration caused by syphilitic endarteritis
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42, the 1st and -.'nd for the relief of neuralgia quinti major. In each case the area outlined repre-
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der Inmition," Neurol. Centralbl. No. 18, 1897. — 81. Shaw. "Aprosexia in
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refei-red to a museum specimen in Glasgow, which had belonged to Allan
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Litten has demonstrated that the temporary ligation of the renal artery
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Simultaneous Vdlateral otitis media has been known to cause peri-
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the rectum below the inflated bulb will then be dis-
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caseous pneumonia. Cancerous infiltration is more likely to be mistaken
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disease, it is necessary to note : (i.) That aiithorities appear to diff"er as
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intra-uterine stem pessaries, all pessaries pressing
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producing occlusion of the vessel. White thrombi are more suitable for
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mediately closure of the central artery of the retina by an embolus.
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regions of the spine, counter-irritants to the same
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D ■ gave ergot ^ij, in infusion, and instantly passed
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grasp, or sew, or pick up small objects ; and in like manner some slight

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