not be that, for Duchenne's paralysis usually occurs

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thorax, rapidly and unexpectedly produced. Under such circumstances

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forceps operation? The task is not really difficult.

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not impaired ; the patient could perform all the movements at the ditTerent

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Sijriiptoms. — (i.) One of the first changes is a displacement of the

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gums and fauces : (vi.) the presence or history of acute unaccovmtable

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associated with ataxy, and not to the affection of the nervous system

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periosteum, etc. A smart tap on any accessible tendon generally evokes

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law of the division of labor, the art of prescribing

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additions to knowledge more or less cognate to his subject ; and in

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If we bear in mind that this lesion is almost invariablv found in con-

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conservative surgery, especially conservative uterine

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It is to obviate perils of this kind that the flaps are

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uncommon, and, in the absence of any evidence of the presence of gout

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does not prejudice the question of the possibility of a ball-thrombus

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words, is one constant mechanism always present whatever the super-

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of the internal condyle of the humerus, or a supracondylar fracture may

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cussion are treated, and nothing is said of the ap-

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of the occipital extremity included between the fis-

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appearance, and in the presence of suspended fat, but differing from it in

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cylinder, isolated in an oval-shaped ball of myelin, may persist for a long

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Idiopafhk throinhosis. — Paget says that the occurrence of phlebitis in

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atrophy, in tremor. The cases here reported, illus-

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passage of tarry blood in the stools, which are frequently diarrhfcal,

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E. C. Helm, M.D. Alcoholism. From the Chicago Journal

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muscles affected belong to groups the cortical centres for which have not

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transported as coarse emboli, producing all of the mechanical efi'ects

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the association of the climacteric with the presbyopic failure may be

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cases sometimes end in terminal gangrene. Such cases will be considered

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pupils were widely dilated, and the anterior chamber

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reply, while it contains the elements of truth, must

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Here taste was abolished on the left side of the tongue, but only partially

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left femoral vein, attributes it to great prostration and weak circulation.

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