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We shall first relate a typical case of complete trau-
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normally, and in these cii"curastances may be increased. The establish-
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sinus, there is often a deep swelling in the neck beneath the mastoid
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cardiac muscle failure, (iv.) Shock and air hunger.
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legislation, having in view only the test interests of
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The present writer, in 1883, recorded three cases of Kaynaud's disease,
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tion to be used should be recent, for in one or two
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the operation, to unite the cut edges, this falling of
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uncinate gyrus, an olfactory aura preceded an attack of unconsciousness.
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male and female students, in the instruction and in
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resulting condition strongly resembles that of the pure tabetic foot. This
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of all muscles — a perfect opisthotonus. Dr. Berger
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rapidly subside ; but it sometimes returns in a series of wave-like recur-
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the superior rectus and the inferior oblique ; depression by the com-
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pediculated, and may become as large as a cranberry.
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no traces either of abscess or of infarctus; c, Osteo-
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sounds, and of vocal or tussive vibrations and sounds from the main air-
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in the gentlest manner, and only for short periods of time ; but as soon
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result of absorption of arsenious acid into the tissues
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neighbourhood of the ear may have been the direct excitant ; but in othei's
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corps was never placed on a firmer basis than at the
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reply ; for the disease involves all three structures. By several observers
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by cold. On the fourteenth and subsequent days walking became more and
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Landry's paralysis shows very cleai-ly that they differ widely as regards
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is usually present in some degree. It is more common to meet with loss
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diagnosis of some of which is difficult, or may be impossible. These
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Changes in the walls of the duct, whether infiltration v.-ith new
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May 6, he complained of a dull pain in the left shoul-
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may cover a definite area; or the papillae are found in lines parallel to the
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