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and by expanding the chest in this way greatly hel})s forced inspira-
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Dec. 12, a. m., pulse 112, temp. 100.6; p. m., pulse
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cold Annd, sleeping in cold rooms, getting the extremities chilled, are
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of electricity, and especially to the faradic. As the reaction of degenera-
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howcA-er, believe that it is not a true reflex i^dde p. 519). Inasmiich
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valves, or present ramifications which do not correspond to those of the
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symptom, being associated with paralysis of other important muscles.
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I. An acute typhoid osteitis ; II. An acute inflamma-
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ducing tubercular matter into the system, this is not
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inner lining of the sac) is almost invariably insufficient to resist the ex-
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— The symptoms of the two varieties of angina pectoris gravior have
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third of the shins. The man proA'ed to be the subject of diabetes ; and
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— 6. EwALD. Berl. klin. Woch. Jan. 21, 1895. — 7. Henry. Journal of Nervous and
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the primary lesion. It is true that pain is the initial symptom, but in
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evidence of its existence, if sought for, will probably
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Symmetrical gangrene. — Raynaud described local syncope,
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tumoui- %vith Lis chin to effect a more speedy clearance. After about
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recorded and from original cases, that in these examples there is defect of
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as after abortions or detachment of placenta praevia, or after injections
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being doubtless the rapidity and extent of the arterial occlusion and the
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opened anus, to make sure of the relations of the for-
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examination of the reported cases. The diagnosis of such cases will
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of the sympathetic and the cord below were fixed by adhesions. On
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II. Lobulus frontalis medius. — Bounded anteriorly
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but it would appear that these are probably of congenital origin, and as
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element. Moreover, in general paralysis, as in other forms of chronic
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Oliver and Macdonell. Its chief value will probaljly be as an early guide
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up with a little sugar. Twenty- four hours afterward
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found that the walls of the smaller arteries were uni-
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to the commanding general, military division of the Pacific,

Zofran Dosage During Pregnancy