be present. Coarse crepitation has been described over lung nearly

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This is, however, only a temporary salvation, and time alone will effect its

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left the hospital not cured. The per cent of cures in

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leucocytic infiltration of a cavernous lym])hangioma. The origin of cysts

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neuron by advent of a stimulus is, after all, only a sudden augmentation

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tific nature should be drawn from scientific facts.

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exaaiination and to determine the nature of the gas-bubbles found in

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lobe. Tetanus-like seizures occur in cases of glioma of the pons. I have

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Of these, 34 were noted as " marked " ; the remainder as " some

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region of the coeliac axis or of the superior mesenteric artery,

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ceased. It returns, however, in from ten to fourteen

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Phlegmasia alba dolens of the puerperium is the prototype of this

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nections have to be studied in three divisions : — the so-called "ascending"

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Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh, and another the size of a tui'key's egg in

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patient's option to decline them or to pay the price,

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loses its elasticity ; if the change be very far advanced the artery is

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Miliary aneurysms. — Atheroma of the. larger vessels of the brain has

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Med. p. 558), and was noticed still more briefly, in Dr. Ogle's paper {loc.

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sented), I fully believe that we have in iodide of potassium a remedy

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tremely ill. There was a distinctly fluctuating swell-

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liotn'c tissue, but this was doubtful. Thus as yet the pathological lesion

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is peculiarly associated with the teeth of the lower jaw from the second

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following: Resolved, That no member of this Society

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Pylephlebitis is another instance of the same hind. In this disease

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for the laity to take measures of protection against

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be most watchfully guarded and the true condition of

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it would always be difficult, if not impossible to ex-

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