nerve. In neuritis, perhaps most commonly of beri-beri and diphtheria,
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and it is scarcely necessary to say that this is of very great importance in
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when hanging down, arc often of a dark purple tint ; but pale and
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renal veins, and genuine hsemorrhagic infarction may occur.
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owing to its size and extensive protrusion. The op-
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inclination to open the eyes or reply to questions,
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the seventh dorsal area, which runs round from the hack, below the angle
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stricture in these cases of urethral rupture is un-
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jiancreas, kidney, or other viscera. The operation is both a ditticult and a very dangerous
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point, however, must not be pushed too far. Hereditary tendency to
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found over the exit of nerves other than those directly implicated in the
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Clinical features. — A unilateral paralysis causes no special incon-
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no traces either of abscess or of infarctus; c, Osteo-
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sometimes occur during an attack of tetany do not appear to have any
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ern Clinic, calls attention to the use of the galvanic
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of outflow of blood through the veins. Von Frey has shown by in-
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ish patches on the extremities of the fingers, which subsided in the spring.
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fre(incncy of respiration, when the patient is quiet, differs a good deal in
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galium were intended to be two ounces, and that such
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conjointly with the extirpation of the frontal lobe.^ As regards the
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or brush -like clumps of fibrin may spring at intervals from the w^all of
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nected with the new investigation, the discovery of the law of what is
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colloid carries with it a faulty implication ; for the material has
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affected. Thus in motor neurons, where the trophic centre {i.e. the cell),
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until the operator has satisfied himself, by thrusting
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morbid processes known as degenerations ai'e associated with diseases of
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not conclusive since it occurs in other cerebral dis-
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cases of carcinoma of the uterus in which Csesarean
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he will be certain to find one that is suitable to his
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neuro-retinitis in gouty subjects : in one of his cases the third cranial
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branchial clefts — braHchogenous carcinoma^ — and a cystic tumour may
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Another cause is over-fatigue of the hand muscles from some occupa-
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cause of this disease. The vessels of the cord, and
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ance that if he were living at the time of our next
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