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criticised in my favorite medical journal. The Knick~

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the blood) the symptoms may be confined to the territory of a plexus,

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influence of liquor and put in the cells to sleep off its

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iodide on the tissues composing the wall can be proved ; but an indirect

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sure may be exerted on the spinal cord, or its membranes. In the

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Gyrus occipitalis tertius. — Below sulcus 19, occupy-

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the heart are found distended with frothy blood, and blood containing

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question that the high stepping gait of multiple neuritis has often been

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of development and all the strongly marked features

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the respiratory muscles ; others survive, and the affected muscles undergo

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duce ergotism and pellagra \_nde art. "Grain Poisoning," vol. ii. p. 792].

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and Diseases af Nerves. 1895, p. 52. — 3. BukssaVD. Nouv. icon, de la Salpitriire, 1894,

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by Lancereaux and Paulesco : " Treatment of aneurysms in general, and

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All but three cases terminated fatally, more frequently from the

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Acute anterior poliomyelitis may be developed in an

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Excessive intra-cardiac pressure as a cause of angina is not, hoAvever,

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outwards, forwards, and slightly upwards. It fixes the sca}iula when

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part of the pathological process ; and that the microscope would reveal

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instance the patient was under 10, and twelve more Avere under 20.

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cases where the disease originates in either of these structures, if after-

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respiratory paralysis— the diaphragm being usually attacked before the

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sents the atlection of the knee and elbow, the latter that of the hip and

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gistic poison along the posterior uninjured portion of

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ralgic pain radiating over the territory supplied by the fifth nerve. At

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