quotes Erasmus Wilson, 1871, as saying that the in-

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of the nervous system, central and peripheral. Why function should be

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normal bone, consisting in a reduction of the inorganic elements of the

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matous mass. The case was diagnosed as one of general paralysis of the insane. Magnilication, l!00

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The conclusions of this paper, unless disproved, must

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extremely common spot is exactly over the infra-orbital foramen, and

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growths have their starting-point in these structures. Not only may the

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to each of the general symptoms which may recpire attention in relation

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gelatinous solution." Under the circumstances above stated, the follow-

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cardiac disturbance, faintness or signs of shock, and inability to lie on

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called also kinetoplasma, is represented by a number of granules

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sure may be exerted on the spinal cord, or its membranes. In the

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abolishes the reaction. Similarly excitation of the central end of the

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met with, unless associated with simultaneous frac-

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logical characters of which are that it will become at

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ference with supposed personal rights is always sure

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fracture of the tibia at the lower end of the upper

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all the pyramidal tract fibres decussate either in the medulla oblongata or

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lix. p. 39.^98. Sekre. Be Vorigiae evtholique des thro'niboses de Varlirc pulmon. These.

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especially valuable in those cases in which the patient has been under

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accompanied by a diminution also in the force of the individual beats.

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at the edge of the segment. A diagnosis in such cases as to the

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aggravated form. A remarkable case of symmetrical gangi-ene was

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a. Origin.— All plants are characterized briefly,

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