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There are various indiAadual diflFerences in the position and course of
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tions of the arteries in fatal cases are singularly meagre. Raynaud
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For an account of trigeminal neuralgia the reader is referred to the
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the one hand, nor to adapt it to the needs of Ameri-
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nal organs, the liver, spleen a.nd kidneys, contained
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long while. Again, the inflammation and death of the pulp may go on
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writing of mediastinal sarcoma, draws attention as a very striking feature
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monly involved in tumours growing from the meninges. Krause men-
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unlikely that thrombosis of small vessels, minute hemorrhagic extravasa-
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whole skeleton from the skull downwards. The fractures are often ex-
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of its most distinguished members have been included
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Case 2. — A gentleman, aged about fifty-four, engaged in anxious and press-
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These are the earlier and characteristic changes of facial hemi-
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the possibility of a relapse, when all the symptoms begin again. It
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■ Atkinson, W. B. ; The theraputics of gynecology
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Ferrier indicated that section of the lingual nerve above its union with
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mide of potassium is of value in all cases of hypersen-
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it was always followed by purplish discoloration of
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one inch beyond the orifice was obliterated almost completely.
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completely at rest, and their quivering movements appeared to be due to
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jected hypodermically, is so surprising, for that fact
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sinuses, the axillary and the pulmonary. Experimental retrograde em-
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pretty accurately by his genuine manliness. Then this
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tion. Occasional sequels of femoral thrombosis, for the most part very
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obvious cause : in others fracture of the spinal column took place on a
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on p. 138 of his Physiology, asserts that metallic mer-

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