the similarity of symptoms produced by minute changes in the peripheral

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in the production of symptoms ; it does not cause a coarse paralysis

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the patient, by the pressure he can bear upon the part, may still betray

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the pulp of a diffuse reddish-black colour. The capsule and surround-

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The general conclusion to be drawn from these observations is, that

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the disease. It consists essentially of inflammation

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visceral segmental areas of the face is extren)ely rare. A tooth in this

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George. "Mediastinal Friction. On a New Auscultatory Sign in connection with

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about the size of a knitting needle. This condition

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anatomical and clinical picture. The thromboses of certain vessels, as

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Appendicitis. — Mention maybe made of the occurrence of thrombosis

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engaged in heavy physical work, standing through a long day with

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a second case a piece of metal perforated the cornea

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part at least, has motor functions. Kolliker states that it probably

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and Gazette, 1847, p. 244.-24. Taylor. ,Tra7is. Clin. Soc. 1891.

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that there may be anastomosis to some extent with sensory filaments of

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This form of softening is probably due to the action of some ferment ;

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remarks I propose to consider the subject on the lines previously

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and the combination might be very puzzling. As regards physical signs,

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B. The second group, that is, the degeverafire on^, may be divided into

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the inferior concha, in some cases, has entirely dis-

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instances, it m.ay be merely a greatly exaggerated and highly paroxysmal

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without aid; usually, however, the long forceps should

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breaking up new tissue and interfering with its for-

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lently, with very little discharge and no sloughing.

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premonitory symptoms often aff"ect particular sides or parts of the body

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