wasting of the extremities and of increasing flabbi-

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sternum or vertebrae, is worthy of special attention. So long as a

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trophied. A long controversy ensued between G\ill and Sutton and

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mained under observation. In a few cases, however, cardiac failure or

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nature of the real disease was suddenly revealed by some nearly fatal

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moment will come, — perhaps is near at hand, — when

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'.his part of the country, especially one of " queer

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period in the course of the disease (where the diagnosis is not otherwise

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is capable of pushing the suspended globules well up

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aneurysm to be so diffused and indistinct, and accompanied Avith such

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not inA'olved. As there is reason to believe that the orbicularis palpebrarum

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foetus, was the effect of carbonic dioxide poisoning.

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older text-book instructions. For instance, suppose

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or labia, the anterior and both internal and external surfaces of the

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tient's immediate friends, as a rule failure in a suc-

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well, but much better is a "clear description of the

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ten days after the onset of the paralysis there is no quantitative

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facial palsy ; and the rai-e instances in which the palsy has extended from

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the library hours have been extended till 9p.m. The

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Amdomij. — Much which has been said under the general observations

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Somewhat different as a rule are the mural thromhi found on areas of

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that no one of average discernment, and of reasonable

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hesitate to attribute much of the greater mortality

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arteries, if avc consider it merely as a constitutional disease, influencing

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The symptoms presented by Dr. Buzzard's cases were : numbness

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attack goes off, flow freely again. The inability of the stomach during

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The processes l)y which these secondary results are attained, as

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the tendency to excess in their use is apparent." It

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voluntary muscles. The muscles of the arms and legs are most commonly

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small vessels by oozing during the entire operation.

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