ner, especially in his little work with the somewhat
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ture, and we do not see why it should not be regarded
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edict, that all mankind should abstain from exhila-
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in syringomyelia the proportion is reversed ; the incidence being in about
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a pulsating tumour is not necessarily aneurysmal. The diagnosis is to be
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characters must render the venous system mtich more favourable than
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directly to the nerve lesion as such, may be mentioned ; namely, an apparent
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given. Its indication is the presence of that which
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succeeding disease. This remark is particularly appli-
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inaccuracies is rarely seen in the transactions of the
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ing micturition, or any blood noticed in the urine,
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imcompetency in their discussions of spinal abscesses.
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Knowledge, 1793, i. p. 119. — 36. Baumgartex. D. sogen. Organisation d. I'hrombits.
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treatment, whether galvanic or faradic, absolutely useless.
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and irritative or toxic properties of the thrombtis. The importance of
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which had betrayed great suffering the previous days,
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to the pelvis by muscles, and is nothing better than
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spread through the subcutaneous tissue at the radix
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area is devoted to tail movements. The evolutionists
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They are sensible and practical, and will be of service
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embolus. The general principles involved in the ditferentiation of embo-

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