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system, is rendered steady in its action. Under these

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which they originated, and the sensory and other phenomena which

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destructive. " In elderly persons the compensation so provided is usually

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very hot fomentations or poultices. The constant current is recommended,

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a broad-based, nearly spherical polyp, occupying a large part of the right

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23. GU.A.RIXEKI. "Tuberculous Meningitis, " .4 /r/((r. ^). /« scie«;e mcd. v'\. 1884. — 24.

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the third edition, just published, of his well-known work, Graves,

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above criticism. Fortunately the record of Dr. Wood-

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secondary cancer as a rule afiects both organs. The latter, moreover,

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chymatous cells, animal or vegetable parasites, fat, air, pigment-granules

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Chir. 1876, Bd. xx. S. 641. — 55. AVhite. I'hiladclphia Medical Journal, vol. i. p. 847,

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and thus cause the symptoms of paralysis. Also, it is

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softening of the posterior part of the cuneus caused homonymous hemi-

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Wlassow a similar morphological phase may be recognised in the clotting

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knee the anterior tibial muscles suffer occasionally.

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paroxysmal condition of blueness of the extremities ; (iii.) the stage of

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commonly absent. It is true that even here neuritis has been described :

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nerve) the joints will usually be found somewhat stiff but not painful.

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examinations of the thrombi of infective and wasting diseases to enable

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principle which characterized his short but useful career.

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Bell (in 1830) and by Partridge (1847). Meryon, Avho gave a very accurate

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ing, may alter materially their original ciiaracters. The softer growths

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Jaundice, from pressure on the bile-ducts, very frequently occurs,

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quite healthy, but extensi\"C changes were fouml in the nerves of the

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Diphtheria: 119. Goodall. Brain, 1895.— 120. Guthrie. Lancet, 1894.— 121.

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the eyeball are the four recti and the two obliques; but more than a

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with round cells, islets of which are found in the adventitia around the

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variety known as nuiltiple osteoid sarcoma, in whicli the tiunour is so iiard

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23. — 122. Crocq. Arch. d. med. e-xp. 1894, vi. p. 583. — 123. Gilbert and Lion.

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