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was not aware of their presence. She could tell when a finger was moved,

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The following morning she aborted, but suffered sub-

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atlected. It is im[)oriant to note that diseased lymphatic glands in the

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In France the studies of Cornil and his pupils, especially Widal, and

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return to normal colour ; but the change may start on the back of the

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was about equal in size to a Calabar bean, were of a

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it is so extensively employed, any device that will

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festation, the prognosis would be unfavorable; and,

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pheral nerves are affected ; although this is a secondary, and, according

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ject of physiological chemistry in the English lan-

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p. 537). Further evidence, however, is required of the suitability of

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of the axis-cylinder, although the raedullated tubes may undergo very

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tricuspid a loud systolic bruit, and a dull diastolic sound ; and in the first,

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The independence of these lesions is shown by the combination of

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respiratory paralysis, and yet make a complete recovery. The paralysis

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The nerve is rarely aff"ected alone, more commonly it suffers with the

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Symptoms. — Having thus attempted to give a comprehensive sum-

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Uterus. — Freund: 14 operations, 8 deaths, 5 recov-

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lation of its contents. This is a powerful thirty-six

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slight attack of left hemiplegia with headache, vertigo, and sight troubles.

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