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In the subjects of neurasthenia, Avhose whole nervous system seems to

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tendon which is found in all healthy persons. There are healthy people

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leeches to the chest, or even venesection if there be much venous obstruc-

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partially involved : and Dr. Ferrier and I have recorded an experi-

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operations and wounds about the neck, shoulder, upper part of the

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by rise of the venous or lowering of the arterial pressure. If the veins

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too freely in tobacco (and much the same in coftee), which suggest that

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sciatic, where it does arise, is generally easily traced to some definite

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ansesthesia and other sensory disturbances characteristic of this condition,

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Medicin, 1867, p. 309. — 26. Dovglas Powell. Medical Society s Transactions, vol.

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less I felt confident that I could relieve her, as he

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the " cadaveric position "), in the absence of visible lesion otherwise, is

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Girl aged 5 years. Attacks began when 3^ years old in the month of February. She

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observed in a large number of the cises. In distinction from nearly all

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and no contractures or convulsions. There was some degree of blunting of

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of an abnormal pulsation somewhere ; and, in the case of the abdominal

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emboli constitute an important means of distribution of infective agents

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gress, and an ever-present protestation against the

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week later the dropsy had disappeared and the erup-

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most seriously damaged, and thus form a protecting barrier against the

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paralysis of taste was associated with loss of the conjugate movement of

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the growths affecting the various parts usually present many features in

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either in the cerebellum or its neighborhood for the

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inflammation. The important feature detected in this case Avas the

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ease with surprising rapidity and certainty, esjiecially Avhere the pain is

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long before atheroma to any considerable extent can be suspected, gives

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years, many refuse glasses from motives of vanity or

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and is not constituted to undergo those vital changes which adapt it for

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