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it may occur ir. these diseases. In cachectic states, especially phthisis

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dilatation in the lymphatic glands of the mesentery. In some of these

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some manner regulates the synthetic metabolism of the cell (Wilson) ;

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(vi.) Not infrequently both the aortic and pulmonary valves are in-

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h:pmorrha-e being nearly decolourised, and in part l^ Ig. 28 shOWS the Same lung

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former to the latter ; thus the escape of the blood (of the aorta) to the

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in one of wliich a cancerous embolus secondary to cai.cer of the rectum

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previously described (p. 245). After a short time the optic papilla

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tint. A most important feature, first indicated by Charcot, is the escape

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cancerous growths around this organ. It is affirmed that local oedema

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which seems to me to be both more logical, and also, from a clinical point

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Avas a rent about f inch long, through the internal and middle coats. It

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citability, more especially of the vaso-motor nervous

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namely in 1809, distinctly described the effect of constriction of vessels

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des hop. 1895, June. — 35. Mitchell, J. K. Arncr. Journal of Med. ."^ci. 1831, vol. viii.

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Such an origin may be conjectured in the case of some of the aberrant

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time than twelve hours was allowed, in the majority

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Whence is derived the pigment found in the cell ? There can be

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signs which either directly or indirectly it originates ; accompanied M'ith

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invarialily aftected ; the absence of the former is well shown by making

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Changes in the walls of the duct, whether infiltration v.-ith new

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young or proliferated axis-cylinders are found ready to be united by first

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platelets. "Within these masses it is usually absent. The rapidity with

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a very near point when the optic axis and the visual

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