cases of diabetes insipidus are associated with syphilitic disease of the
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of bodily prostration, and is the characteristic tongue of nervous people.
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nerve block method of Matas is most satisfactory and quicker than,
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which are the result of inflammation, whether acute or chronic, namely,
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we understand their exact relationship to the disease.
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the case was only revealed when cerebral symptoms declared themselves.
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of teeth. The stomach cannot for long cope with unmasticated food. The
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parts, the tertiary invade the deeper, the subdermal, and submucous tissues,
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oesophagus ; especially must the evidences of thoracic aneurysm be sought
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attack of pleurisy, are shortly afterwards seized with haemoptysis, or show
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which in recent years has come to bear the name " sprue," was more or less
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present its principal interest is an analogical one, and lies in the light it
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was only found in ten, whereas it is found in about 30 per cent, of the
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ation prove successful, a way for the relief of diabetes in man may be the out-
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B. mesentericus fuscus. Vaughan believes that the germs which cause
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and maltine should be given after meals. The iron preparations in
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from half an hour to an hour; and the presence of hydrochloric acid is
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tal Sully, that tillage and paflures are the only real
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Cures may undoubtedly result from both methods. Sometimes the
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The gnat medical ]iroblem in this war is wound treatment.
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Symptoms and diagnosis. — In cases of primary cancer, the
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phuric, hydrochloric, and nitric acids ; (2) caustic alkalis, such as potash ;
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tary duty he tirst must have a degree from a recognized medical
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ftrength and fleih before winter : but when it is in-
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At the present time the large amount of undergraduate teaching
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by means of a soft indiarubber tube, and a funnel. The force is ob-
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620 men and women employed in these works, 124 were found to have
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irregularly distributed throughout the lungs. These are often grouped in a
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cases of chronic arthritis, it has been found that this curve rises considerably
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the bowel is of course seldom empty below the point of obstruction,
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is usually present if the pain is severe, and it comes on either directly after
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gastric irritation, for example, there is usually hypersecretion of hydro-
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ox of the fame fize ready trained : after this, they
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fluid would be dammed back into the ventricles before the tumour had
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their hair, which they fwallow ; and as this cannot
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absence of itching and pain, and the tendency for the lesions to arrange
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process to a greater extent than the mucous membrane. Not infre-
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common and often quite as severe in towns. Although sporadic cases
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bronchitis, and other examples are found in such occupations as glass-
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are fo very low, that the rider's feet almoft touch
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Throughout this article use is made of data derived from the records of
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