Reprinted from the American Journal of Obstetrics and

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the first was enucleated, and the fundus uteri, with

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equally over the ^hole retinal surface, ending, according to Eamon y

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arborisations, cannot be assumed to spread beyond their own immediate

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In long propagated venous thrombi smaller white thrombus-masses

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The bearing upon " spasm," " tremor," and the so-called " tendon

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into cord, medulla, or brain, along any section of the cortico-spinal

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breath, and she was repeatedly requested not to bear

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sion of the antiseptic system in Czerny's operation as

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animals or men, was followed neither by necrosis nor

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may be excessively loud, being conducted from the larger air-tubes ; in

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and ;>rms ; if it be below the point of entrance of the azygos, the chest

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too active in treatment, or employ irritating applications and such things

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in the oleic acid. A mechanical mixture of oleic acid

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general rules can be laid down which Avill decide the pathology of every

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yet, since in the large proportion of cases the cornual cells are intact, no

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spread widely. Strychnia and nux vomica are often far more efficacious,

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sition in the bladder may be more accurately deter-

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being independent of the other ; and undoubtedly can occur, in ways

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for from day to day. A rupture into the air-passages, as already remarked

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evidence it may afford is not very trustworthy. Frequently recurring

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of all muscles — a perfect opisthotonus. Dr. Berger

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a tamour must not be forgotten. It may happen that, on careful

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diminution in the inhibitory or steadying action of the fibres proceeding

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albuminuria, and enlarged spleen are phenomena that have been observed

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periostitis of the scapula, with denudation of the per-

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guinal canal, so as to avoid injecting the fluid into

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This large loss of infant life in our American cities

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It is, hoAvever, to be noted that no particular set of symptoms is

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tricular apices ; and these, as well as the endocardial vegetations, may

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follows herpes ophthalmicus, from true neuralgia ; yet both are now

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hexd of the humerus in close apposition to the glenoid cavity. Hence in

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course of chronic cardiac or arterial disease ; but in some instances it

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glass which is comfortable for the desired distance.

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The symptoms I refer to are disorders of the tactile sensibility of the

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the limit of the deep coloration. In one case, which I observed during

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