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complication has been rare in the experience of most of those who have
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case it will be chiefly aneurysms of the descending aorta that will give
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had taken place from an injury, severe, indeed, but not such as to have
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the right external rectus, produces convergent strabismus of the affected
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Acute arteritis. — The older writers, such as Frank and Final, de-
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the pain to start from a spot exactly above the highest point of the
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gen. dc mid. vol. xxvii. p. 425 ; 1831. — 28. Brodie. Lectures on Pathology and
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cardiac muscle and of the epithelium of the convoluted tubules of the
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vascular or nerve disorder appeared. She derived great benefit from galvanic treatment
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In this Ciise, then, the cutaneous sensibility of the extremities vas
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beginning to those half an hour old or older. I reported the results
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out into the cold air the pain most readily comes on. The pain starts sometimes
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mouurv valves). — 19. Lei'DET. Essii siir le ritrecissemenl tricuspidicn. Paris, 1888. —
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shoAvn by the fact that Eulenburg concluded from his examination of
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des hop. 1895, June. — 35. Mitchell, J. K. Arncr. Journal of Med. ."^ci. 1831, vol. viii.
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formation of callus directly interfering with intercostal nerves), scoliosis,
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all the modifications that may be produced by accidental causes in judging
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certain observations may perhaps show some interest-
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the Navy Depai tment, containing the charges a<: ainst
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fever or measles, but without any record of disease in the chest ; though
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equal division of the tract at its decussation in the medulla oblongata, so
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result of contraction of all the surface vessels concerned, and which
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syncopal attacks may be attended with some anginal phenomena, and

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