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contradictions this may now be regarded as the truth, though not the
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and carefully distributed, instead of being prostituted
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not go on to suppuration, but either subsides and undergoes resi^lution
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contributor, Lauder Brunton, has done more than any
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veins may be temporal ily reversed, but we were unable to trace a regur-
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without valvular disease in one, thrombi in the left ventricle, mostly
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Clifford AUbutt made a microscopical examination of the vessels, and
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33. From the Left Sciatic Nerve of a Case of Alcoholic Neuritis showing Ex;ida
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of ethyl has been used by Dr. Levis and others the long-
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proportion of leucocytes ; formed, moreover, in a position having no rela-
doubtful case with negative result of the bacteriological examination of
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gentlemen of Chicago, among them the senior editor of the
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infection, not even fearing infection from puerperal
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vessels in the nerves or tissnes below the level of division of the nerve
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Richardson has called special attention to the " marantic " thromboses
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uterus contract for the expulsion of the child, and
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referable to the obstruction to the circulation ; toxic or septic emboli
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which Dr. Bloodgood has furnislied me, there were four instances of peri-
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the same as that of the preceding form of angina, in so far that it includes
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the radial nerves, were found normal. The spinal cord was normal.
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distribution ; but by no means invariably so. They may affect the
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the corpuscles ; they do not form rouleaux, they become extremely
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pose that ultimately recurrent spasmodic contractions of the A^essels may
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