nerve roots, the tonus of M-hich latter normally plaj's upon the former.
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satory efforts on the part of collateral lymphatic anastomoses some com-
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mass were pressed directly against each other, with
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swallowing a liniment of aconite. While fully recognising the benefits
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Bevens, Jr., of Philadelphia, will soon publish his
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and cervical vertebrae until it could be felt by the
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in the St. Louis Clinical Record a case of narcotism
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being l)urie 1 in lympho-sarcomatous tissue, which can be completely
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arteries, which arise in the sinuses of Valsalva, but, instead of running
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secondary consolidation of the lung due to inflammatory changes. The
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called true polyps in distinction from the false polyps of the older
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situated in the peripheral part of the Sylvian gray matter, as far up as
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to this neglected topic, since I have been consulted
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presenting a striking resemblance to infiltrating cancer when the latter
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ANATOMIC.A.L CHAR.\CTERS. — It is a difficult matter to determine how
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This position was not in its duties agreeable to his
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finally wholly into mercury. The following from the
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of the eye is not yet fully understood by the general
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Lothrop is entitled to the thanks of the profession for
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The next chapter of the transactions is, from every
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of its most distinguished members have been included
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dressing and operating, but in some respects are even
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inensirual flow and other causes , but. apai't from traumatism, such a
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cause of the cardio-A^ascular change. In 250 cases of granular contracted
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times profuse local sweating ; occasionally herpetic and bullous eruptions
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excision of the thyroid gland, but also by its occurrence after some of the
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tion of fil)rin within an aneurysmal sac (apart altogether from the vital
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one of the cases already mentioned, found disseminated lesions in the
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subjects. The selection is a good one. His assistant,

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