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by some local injury or disease of the arterial wall, or by the lodgment
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Attachment of the prepuce to the glans penis — 172
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— 3. Bkl'ce. Alex. " Syi>hilitic Xodose Periarteritis," J/e<i?ico-C7u>. Soc. Trans. Edin.
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2. To re-establish the free passage of urine through
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principal blood-vessels had been omitted altogether in
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used by French veterinarians to describe similar symptoms in horses
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and thus the cases come fittingly in the next category.
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to consist of two ounces of liquid and the same of solid nutriment ; the
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The suggestion that the condition is due to a toxin derived from the
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which pass up through the anterior mediastinum and open into the
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the left inferior thyroid, and the upper two-thirds of the superior
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arc involved in gross disease and in fiuictional. Clinically the diagnosis
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were attacked, there had been for a long time a liability to dead fingers.
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greatest importance to recognise the disease in the earliest stage — that of
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1875, Ixv. p. 99. — 87. Fkeyberger. I'raiu. I'dth. Soc. London, 1898, .\li.\. j). 27.
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carditis, the localisation being in the vascular intima instead of in the
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inflammation induce small cell infiltration aroiind the lymphatic spaces,
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authors believe to be the initial factor in the thickening of the inner coat.
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the arm renders the knee-jerk for the time being more brisk — "rein-
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this exemption is also observed in many typical paroxysmal cases of
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thrombosis of the abdominal aorta two cases from Allibert's thesis of 1S2S, one three, and
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implication of one oi' lioth lungs, diminishing their breathing surface or

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