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ulcerative endocarditis, in only one case, that of Hayem's, Avere the other
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large obstetric practice, have been known to keep a
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The symptoms may be either (a) chronic, of the natiu-e of colicky
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recent state do not differ in appearance and structure from clots
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powers of ndjustment are prompt in action, from inherited instinct and
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Iictrograde embolism is usually explained In' a temjicrary reflux of
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heart. A hsemorrhagic character of any fluid removed by paracentesis
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by their side open. Thrombi several inches long may be washed out of
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which the patient had not paid great attention, and
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dose. When the iodide has been given in this way the success attained
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nerves to those produced by lesions in certain parts of the central
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mainly in small vessels in acutely inflamed regions, where they are to
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may thus take place, and a complete cure be established. And in
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CEtlema is sometimes a noticeable feature of alcoholic cases. It is
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vertebrae — the knee joint is said to have been disorganised. Another
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a few weeks or even days from the onset. I know of no instance, in
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of this region just enumerated are dealt with, in their appropriate con-
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that "in all of them there was maiked contraction of the pupil, which diHered from myosis
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always present more or less. When the phrenic nerve is involved the
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should exercise the greatest care and gentleness ; so that all unnecessary
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logical characters of which are that it will become at
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(purulent cysts). The liquid or pulpy material is the result of granular
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ninth day from the first onset of dyspnoea, but the tumour had probably
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quence of direct paralysis of the respiratory centers.
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sub-cuticular, and may give rise to ulceration which progressively destroys
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or tenderness in and around the injured part will in-

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