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The following case is a fair example of several cases of vasomotory

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part of the circulatory system ; and primary thrombi may be formed in

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Symptoms. — Having thus attempted to give a comprehensive sum-

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Par le Dr. Chas. Richet, ancien interne des Hopitaux

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isation. On this point Apathy's elaborate work may be consulted with

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paroxysms are in some instances very distressing, and arc attended with

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forms of the same disease. This is the way, at least,

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of accidents and anatomical lesions of medullitis. An

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for hours in vain endeavors to secure an evacuation.

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stored. 11 But if laceration occur, nature has all the

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recognise further a superior division, extending from the upper opening of

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the latter absent in normal individuals, that its presence in health may

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surface pains. These are Avell illustrated in a record given to Ross,

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favourable posture of the limb to elicit the jerk is one insuring

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agents which aive rise to contracture. Slight interference with the

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such causation ; but we must always be cautious in arriving at the

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N. Y., and Miss E. Virginia, daughter of the late Mr. F.

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affected. Thus in motor neurons, where the trophic centre {i.e. the cell),

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to prove the correctness of the expression we used.

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system, is rendered steady in its action. Under these

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after walking a certain distance they are pulled up by more or less

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and the middle of the thigh. Not infrequently the pain, limited at

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said that, whether the knee-jerk be a true reflex or not, a healthy

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to the account in history of a general who attempted

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excision. To justify the advice he makes the assertion

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hensive, and in the highest degree creditable to the

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having been prescribed on one occasion for a rheumatic affection,

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considerable interval. The degrees of severity of symptoms are, as

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