many systematic treatises on medicine. This rehabilitation of phle-

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nerves are connected. The only exception which must be made to this

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as follows : (i.) The motor ner\'es show no increase of irritability to

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starchy matter, are quite sufficient to convert the

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Dyspncea, cyanosis, and oedema are symptoms which generally

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pressure in this case may vary, but will generally be low. The arterial

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the brain of the ' ' slow, solitary and peaceful ' ' orang

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disease, we are doubtful whether this unaccountable

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the head of peripheral neuritis present, as a rule, symptoms of loss of

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to represent the segmental origin of the nerves for pain, heat, and cold

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the nutritious fluids to penetrate them." Thus is ex-

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spontaneous healing. Even in the "successful stray cases " Avhich have

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ture of blood. When present, it seems to be highly characteristic, but

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chloric ether, to l)e slowly sipped on the oncoming of an attack. A

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eldest daughter of Dr. W. H. 11. B. and Caroline Minor,

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tions do not arise to carry otf the patient, he will eventually succumb to

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partial aniesthesia and analgesia on the back of the leg or thigh. These

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guinal canal, to render certain the complete reduc-

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the thumb touches the navel and the small finger the

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the writers' conviction that here, however, as well as

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Between the tremor of healthy old age and that of paralysis agitans

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chloric ether, to l)e slowly sipped on the oncoming of an attack. A

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some cases ; but this atrophy is not the muscular change which occurs in

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cerned he is as well as ever. Is running about the ward

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suspicion of what has occurred. Apart fi-om this insensibility the fracture

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pupil-dilating fibres pass chiefly in the gelatinous substance of Rolando or

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monest cause of the disease is admitted to be a chemical poison, Avhich

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di Torino, 1897, April. — 108. BiKo, de Max. " Contribution to," Dcutscl.e Zeitschr.

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although at the necropsy the evidence of incompetence was indubitable.

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aneurysm were quite apparent, and the pro! ability, therefore, of a rupture into

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frequently produced by ]iressure on tlie chest by foreign bodies, or like

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penditures of the service within its income, — a feat

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alarmed at the still further reduction proposed in the


Satisfactory as von Recklinghausen's explanation is, as far as it

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struction of houses and in the manufacture of furni-

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various feeble, but persistent, in fact monotonous im-

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of cotton is to be placed on the wound, the roller,

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the characteristic and fatal symptoms of pyaemia (see vol. i. p. 606)

Low-dose Levonorgestrel And Ethinyl Estradiol Patch And Pill A Randomized Controlled Trial