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rinsed repeatedly with tap water, finally with distilled
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sunken cheeks, all speak of a serious illness. The formation of the
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administering opium to young children. Chloral, if given by enema to
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and turns towards a light or bright-coloured object ; the eyes are directed
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with regard to whom the question of insanity, apart from the effect of
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puberty in the male sex, or those which remain rudimentary throughout
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an asylum, which may be a truth or a verisimilitude, he very often enter-
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is usually wanting. The eruption of P. rosea presents some resemblance
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(c) Audition. — Objectively audition is affected in two ways ; thus
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extending over the trunk and limbs, or centrifugal eczema ; this also is
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iv. p. 27. — 15. Roberts, Leslie. Brit. Med. Journ. 29th September 1894 ; and Journ.
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4. Incomplete attacks. — I have said that there may be incomplete
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The name seborrhcea (more correctly steatorrhcea) is not a satis-
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remedies can act. Accordingly the nail may be well macerated in a
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very amusing. I know a minister of prominence in the
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indistinguishable from it ; usually, however, it differs in two particulars —
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haemorrhage sloughing, and profound anaemia. In cases which end in
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the misfortune to become insane, and if you neglected him, and if he by
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ten-mile walk, laughing and bantering with his companions ; can go
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The Development of the Child. By NATHAN Oppenheim, Attending Physician to the
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robin ointments ; M. Morris advises pyrogallol ointment : and when the
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case of eruption due to iodide of potassium (mild because the cause was
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mental weakness which is congenital or acquired in infancy is recognised
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effects of the drug, is normal. The problem before us is, — does
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employment of tonic medicines and hygienic regulations lead usually to
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these attacks is this : that even if he have taken precautions against
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than human cunning. The daughter of a Wiltshire bone-
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clavicle and the chin passes to the right side. The effect produced is
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process it is improbable that it would be so extremely rare.
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7. Red corpuscles showing polychromatophilia (diffuse basophilia).
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The importance to the community of chastity in its female members
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it was committed, (ii.) The insanity, its character and history ; whether

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