Edm. Med. Journ. June 1863. — 8. Bellingham, O'Bryen. "On the Curative

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of the third and each subsequent month of gestation,

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tion, it is difficult to explain the acute accession of the deformity which

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Vasomotor angina — the disease a vasomotor neurosis (?) : 23. Evlexbirg.

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tions. Their surface may be smooth, or marked by delicate lines or ribs ;

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follows : — " 1st. Powder thrice a day the affected parts

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marked motor than sensory paralysis ; and the sensory fibres appear to

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tendency of venous thrombi to start from valvular pockets has already

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glass which is comfortable for the desired distance.

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Formerly the protoplasmic processes of the cerebral cortex were

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in the cord followed tlie distribution of the vessels ; the vessel walls were

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instruction to mixed classes of male and female stu-

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that it is larger than normal. A similar feeling of swelling also exists

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invade our circles in whatever manner it may, it casts a

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to the formation of guuimata or gummatous infiltration of the heart.

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A. Si/rnpfoins of local origin. — The phenomena coming in this category

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and blue up to the wrist. When she came vuider observation in

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valuable contribution to our knowledge of the mechanical disturbances

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generally distributed over the chest, or unilateral. This indicates

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and dyspnoeic should have no oedema, it is difficult to say.

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transient glow of an ember continuously black-hot. The continuous lesser

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a time the feet became cold, blue and insensitive, and then gangrenous ;

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And there is yet a third group often closely allied to both the preced-

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sage, galvanism, and, later, faradism should be used with the utmost care

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the beats is, when exercise of the limbs and muscles is withch'awn,

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foot for tibialis posticus ; the styloid of the radius for the biceps, less

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contained sometime since a lengthy review of the re-

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from a tolerably severe major neuralgia, who had come into the hospital

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in no better or worse condition of health, in whom it is very brisk.

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arch of the aorta outwards ; the most notable exception among the

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with individually. The desire to afford relief will often tax the thera-

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make light pressure with the spherical top of a common pin : when this

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