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dition of the uterus which, if before observed, has

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extreme pallor (local syncope) in the feet, which preceded the redness

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from pressure on the recurrents, namely, " that in all progressive oiganic

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witii occasional dysphagia and angina-like pains, marked the transition to a

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in the aorta ; and as very few cases of aneurysm of this vessel occur

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tubuli, large development of spider - cells, and, lastly, an encroaching

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fl.immatory affection of the deeper structures or tissues of the peri-

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often so excruciating and so incurable as to necessitate nei've section, or

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clear account of this condition. " It affects the superficial rather than

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in these cases I have found nothing that answers the

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the publication of Raynaud's final contribution, there have been several

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motion in the Revenue Marine Service. Nov. 20, 1879.

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a distinct outline external to the posterior longitudinal bundles, and form-

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the ear, or over the back of the head ; in addition to the pain in the

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when the patient fainted under the chloroform." This attempt having

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rapidly passes through the intestines, with apparently

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Paralysis of the ulnar nerve. — The ulnar arises from the last cer-

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or malaria the specific remedies will, of course, be tried before any other

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amount of practice. It appears to us, however, that

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clear account of this condition. " It affects the superficial rather than

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melalgia, as distinguished from the livid colour of the local asphyxia of

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anaesthetic is always ether. His operation is scru-

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sensation is not so marked in the feet as in the hands. Occasionally

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a pulsating tumour is not necessarily aneurysmal. The diagnosis is to be

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