vulsions. The sense of pain and of temperature, and the electrical sensibility

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been referred to under the general description of the neuron, together

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hour by the full physiological action of the drug in

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day, says: "This conflict — the development of the

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third to sixth hour after the occlusion of the artery (Mall and "Welch).

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brain and cord, especially with regard to the vaso-motor centres ; and,

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tuberiform, in which enormous fungoid masses project IVom the surface

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2. The presence of an aortic regurgitant valve lesion or of aneurysm,

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cell branch may afford to the neuron isolation from this or that of its

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the clinical symptoms and the pathology of the disease would appear

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tion, as in rheumatoid arthritis. All glands are under nervous control,

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communications, even of the minute terminal twigs in the cortex,

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Pathological aimtomy. — A study of the published cases of this disease

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the interstitial tissues and giving rise to tremulous muscular action. It

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strictly scientific and original work, and a plan of

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occasional contributors. It has little or no individu-

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necessary movement, and is often able to describe a circle in the air Avith

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himself not finding it convenient to prepare the mix

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Vrnenpulsation, Leipzig, 1894 ; "Ueber Schlussunfahigkeit der Lungenarterienklap-

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Dr. Harris has recorded two cases which he believed to be primary

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and as little disturbance as possible, even for the most pressing bodily

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centre for some at least of the internal ocular movements, probably for

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Weir Mitchell in his work on Injuries of Xerves gives instances of

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thoracic aorta, are often quickly fatal from embolism of the cerebral or

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physiological experimentation by competent investi-

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to the subject in text-books, and is of much anatomical and clinical

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Human Frame, 1853, p. 14, note. — 21. Meryox. Med. Chir. Trans, vol. xxxv.

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sponds to the radiation of pain to the little finger produced by impli-

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' I am indebteil to my friend, Dr. Alfred Salter, for the great trouble he has taken in

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failure of intelligence and memory with hallucinations supervened, and

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clinical observers have fallen itito error. At the same time, I believe

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The case is typical. It exemplifies the usual order

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