country — both East and West — whose opinions are
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had been driven into the vessel, and set up inflammation followed by
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fibres are picked out, in others motor cells ; in others, again, both may be
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ready seen that atheroma of the larger vessels is generally associated with
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individual cases. These have, however, been fully discussed already, and
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in cases of congenital pulmonary stenosis, even Avhen the cusps are fused
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the revival of the discussion relative to reform in the
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finger.-, and threatenings of gangrene of one great toe ; besides some
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Calcareous degeneration is often associated with fatty changes in the
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Swieten 2 and Buffon, 3 and observed by a number of
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by walking or riding against cold winds ; or, again, it may occur at night,
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sembling, it strikes us, the effects of a hearty meal.
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place in the sentiment of the present reformers; their
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"writer's cramp," for example, where there is no obvious weakness or
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tions, and small arterial dilatations give rise to the clinical phenomena.
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chiefly affected are the small muscles of the hand and the flexors of the
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to the position of the tumour in cases where one or two suspicious symp-
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of this tendency as being natural to a state of per-
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paralj^tic myosis. A small pupil, arising from paralysis of the cilio-spinal
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meeting was urged the formation of a board of lunacy
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— 42n. Savill, T. D. "Arterial Hypermyotrophy," Brit. Med. Jr^«r. June 23rd, 1897.
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road car, brought to this city and to my house. Her
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new method. The paper was illustrated by a success-
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the respiratory function — a point which will be dealt A\Tth later. Hiccup,
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side is in favour of cancer ; as well as jiyrexia in a case of considerable
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plane, it is not easy to say that the Americans are
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for all practical purposes, granted adequate knowledge and skill in the
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to symptoms of slight neuritis; such as neuralgic pains in the legs, cramps,
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inferences from this happy experience, he has succeeded in establish-
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Heger, A., major and surgeon. To proceed on or before Feb.
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a time. Iron may sometimes be given in anaemic cases, but it is rarely
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all that he has to say in the fewest possible words, or
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surrounded by so much inflammatory exudation that it may be im-
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nerves which lie close to it. Lastly, the ganglion is steadily twisted and

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