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recommend that the City Government be petitioned to provide
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Dr. Peaslee was made LL.D. of Dartmouth College, and was pro-
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notches and perforations of the bodies of the vertebrae or of
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success has attended her efi"orts, although in the latter part
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Meningo- Medullary Lesions.— The meninges are gene-
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effect upon the public health, particularly of the young. In 1875-76,
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Substituted mixed milk used by the family for the " one cow's
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symptom of impaired nutrition. This is seen in almost every severe disease,
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in New York City, where the son received his elementary education
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one at least of which was translated into Italian, and other European
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aperture can no longer be found on the dead body. Occa-
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Some other remedies besides iron are occasionally employed in chlorosis.
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York Academy of Medicine; American Association Genito-Urinary
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ence of the large majority of gynecologists. Were this the
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proved T. G. Richardson," which was briefly as follows;
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bom. It has been said that " great men, like great n
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the hope that "springs eternal in the human breast," made these earlier
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in Confinement" (pub. in Amer. Jour, of Obstetrics, Vol. LXX, No. 1, page 1.
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treatment, but because they represent a few out of the many
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relapsing fever, and even splenic fever, the internal administra-
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they are to live. Let them insist strenuously, unalterably, upon
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External Carotid and Superior Thyroid Arteries for Aneu-
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of the small dose used in the curing of diseases and the proving
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turned the mind of Dr. Hum to the atsocUted theme of
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mysticism and hobby-riding in the fact of its being the sole
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labors have been a boon to the suffering poor of the great city.
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tance of which may be greater than that of drugs. It is obstruc-
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cian. Without attempting to answer these questions fully, I mere-
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" F. Bobone, in a research into the causation of ear-disease by
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York State Medical Society, and a former member of the Committee
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bodies, which usually cause a great deal of irritation, they
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ble altitude" that it could not be reached; and this is followed
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support of practical examples, that the majority may see their
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not suffice to represent the whole historical case. The following
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Such are the chief doctrines of homoeopathy, stated as fully
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St. Clair Smith, New- York City, N.Y. J. W. Dowling, New-York City, N.Y.
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children of the unfaithful, lo ! these many centuries ; and the
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Medicine, A Systematic Treatise on the Diagnosis and Treatment of
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cases seen by us since that time, we have only extremely rarely observed in-
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In 1873 Dr. Mann returned to the United States, beginning practice
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Forced extension or flexion of the limbs is helpful and useful.
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liver, iox jaundice and escape of bile through a narrow wound
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from the action of projectiles that graze them. When the
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"St. Luke the Physician," N. Y. Med. Jour., Jan. 22, 1910.

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