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temperature corresponding to the negative phase. The temper-

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of thoracic surgery must measure up to a high ideal of anesthesic

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Dr. Bray — I think Dr. Armour is strictly correct ; but at the same time, wlien a

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reported from time to time in appropriate periodicals, and the

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growths, strictured conditions, retroverted uteri, pregnancy, and

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of vomiting, not unlike those following digestive disturbances,

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inal sources. Philadelphia. P. Blakiston's Son & Co. 1912.

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the last 100 years have definite systematic measures been pursued,

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Physical examination reveals little except that while she

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hands of the Registrar, and there is no difiiculty whatever in its collection, or there is

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not feel the abuse of hospitals. I want the question of lodge practice disposed of. ' ■ •

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flour, sugar, and the use of enormous quantities of meat. Two of these

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and the following case well represents its use in cases of excite-

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pertension and of pain seemed to coincide, and both passed away

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Drs. Armour, Barrick, Bray, Britton, Brock, Campbell, Dickson, Douglas, Fowler,

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St. Thomas's is on the "other side of the Thames"; that is to say,

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is taken and emulsified by grinding under aseptic conditions with a weak

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system is manifest by absence of sensible re-action and by vaso-

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are not treated in the regular scientific or medical way it is improper to administer, tlie

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the advertisements, circulars, etc., issued by the said company, and particularly by writing

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administration, with much striving for a new technic that will be

Dyazide Hydrochlorothiazide Triamterene