soon relieved her, and she is still in good health.
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that in the subsequent progress of the case this opening very nearly
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thought advisable to devote a special article to it in a Sijstem of Medicine ;
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The corpus spongiosum of the bulbous portion of the
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or septogenous matter to the raw surface of the flaps.
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suitable, and in this instance might with advantage be replaced by the
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These are amongst the most common and striking evidences of morbid
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to explain the mechanism of attack, to accoiuit for the most characteristic
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fested itself at the same time in the pleura, in the
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Abortion. — Dr. Arminta Scott, of Philadelphia, has
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Neurol. Centralbl. No. 15, 1895. — 79. Schafer. " The Nerve-Cell considered as the
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mediastinal diseases, the morbid conditions either originate in, or sooner
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nerve, the vaso-constrictor and vaso-dilator nerves of the blood-vessels, and
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in disease of the middle ear, or in inflammatory conditions implicat-
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fortifies his assertion with an affidavit — that Dr. Bar-
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Sugar, which is generally present in lymph, and consequently in chyle,
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known paralytic affections, is due for the most part
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than our life insurance officers — they have grave re-
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exposure to varying temperatures, may play some part as remoter
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sclerosis, ending in fatal cerebral apoplexy. In at least four cases there
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of his office. It was his ambition to make this a suc-
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epidemic in his neighborhood, has supplied the best
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Given, therefore, as end-nuclei of the vestibular nerve, Deiters' nucleus
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46. VAX Emdex. Fortschr. d. Med. 1898, xvi. pp. 241 and 281. — 47. Ehrlich and
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from what has been said, that the class of stagnation-thrombi cannot be
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There is recognition of the difference between heat and cold, and cold is
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observed was due to the cause assigned ; and, as the experiments in
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which they are beyond the limits of efficient surgical
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unless such student first pledge himself not to enter
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and should not be employed until the constitutional treatment has failed ;
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night after an attack of tertian ague. The first patient described in his
with antiseptic cotton. Similar measures, it is true,
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ing, and expectoration which may be of little significance, though it

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