stances scattered nodules are found on both the visceral and parietal
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six inches in length was carried through the median
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bougie olivaire glided in so easily that the patient
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pea, were found beneath the skin of the abdomen and chest. At the
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sues, particularly the broad ligaments, are very liable
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of the frog, led me to believe, at Dr. Lester Curtis'
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value where all others have proved useless. I leave
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degenerative change ? or again, do they indicate a true parenchymatous
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currents the cell may, he thinks, exercise a trophic influence on its
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Thrombi of the kind just described, and as we find them at autopsies
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Hare's statistics, however, give three to one in favour of the anterior
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one mass, usually irregular or lobulated ; and diffuse infiltrations.
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biirg, 1SS9.— 262. Smiih, A. A. .V. Y. Med. Joiu-n. 1880, xxxi. p. 16.-263. Soi,o-
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nerves only. Eisenlohr reports such a case; he found degenerated hbres in
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the limits of the part affected) that no pouching occurs, but only an
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vomicae. While fully recognising the difficulties which may thus arise in
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which has been noticed in association with enlarged thyroid, or with
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tific nature should be drawn from scientific facts.
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digital and occular examination, therefore, are re-
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considered here in detail. As has been shown by Liibarsch, Aschoft",
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As regards obstruction due to causes inside the lumen, thrombosis
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should have been anything more than a secondary degeneration. There
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morbid anatomy consists, so far as is known, in an increase of fatty and
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p. 223. — 176. Welch and Flexner. Johns Hopkins Hosj). Bulletin, 1892, iii. p. 17. —
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The external plantar supplies the flexor accessorius, the adductor of
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Where the pulp becomes fibrous or calcareous it is not uncommon for
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sensory phenomena to be explained by differences in the selective action
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when this duct is obliterated chylous ascites may follow.
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suppurative phlebitis are ushered in by pain, which gradually increases
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Meyer, Neumann, and more recently by Kennedy, that the peripheral
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After death from entrance of air into the veins, the right cavities of

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