Tetany Avill be fully described in the following volume. Suffice it

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Another case was that of a woman who was confined in November, and


system, l)ut what part of the nervous system is affected ; have we to deal

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several instances of such secondary thrombosis of the aorta in my collec-

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tions cause a state of tonic contraction of the ciliary

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disintegrated and absorbed, largely through the activities of phagocytes.

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prominence of the lobules are due to the difterences conVCVfid from the brOUchuS.

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are faced by the difficulty that occasionally a tro})hic change, such as muscu-

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although the galvanic changes, qualitative and quantitative, may still

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is extreme. There is no paralysis and no ataxy of movement. The

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ment ; there are two other patients, namely, Graves's, aged sixteen, and

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extend into both anterior triangles. They vary much in size ; the

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powers, (ii.) The stage of depression, or melancholia, which is character-

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who hesitate before accepting an open handed charity,

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From tJut Trans. Med. Soc. of Penn'a — by request.

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rupture of miliary aneurysm [n't/gp. 333 and art. " Cerebral Haemorrhage "

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ous thiombosis; and, above all, in the case of venous thrombosis, to fruard

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if I am in error, now and here is the time to correct

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timpani, another worthy effort in the same direction.

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toms of serious organic disease, and may either be preceded or

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volved large joints, one involving the shoulder, seven

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the preceding section, and it will only be necessary to draw attention

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Trans. Clin. Soc. 1895. — 47. Cane. Prit. Med. Jojmial, 1892, ii. — 48. Diller and

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pathize with them in their studies but can help them

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which it may not be desirable to draw off' all at once, lest the

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obvious and necessary a corollary does it seem to be of the discovery of tho

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follows immediately or very shortly after ligation of the abdominal aorta

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to have been the principal etiological factor, in others arteriosclerosis

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presence of portions of morbid gro\A'ths, which might be of great diagnostic

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