the dorsum pedis. If the corn be cut and the bursal sac opened, the part
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erroneous. The majority were just those to which we should look for
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" There is another way of considering the hypothesis of relations of the
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culosis, leprosy — is now so well established that it is reasonable to
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effect of pleural effusion upon the percussion-sound must always be borne
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sheath, increase in size and number of the latter, segmentation of myeline,
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as to their residence, condition or circumstances, two
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more than one finger, being 32 years ; and 42 when the orifice admitted
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ful limbs, but, as a rule, anchylosis varying in de-
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must be apt for the propagation of molecular change across it. In
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withdrawn pari passu, until the whole canal is firmly
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Dispensatory, and yet to my certain knowledge it is
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blood corpuscles, the circulation in the smaller ves-
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thinking at the time I could readily relieve her with
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This aftection is due to a very clear pathological condition. Since Sir
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S6quard. The section of the sciatic nerve, in fact,
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ness, tingling, formications, and other parsesthesise which mainly affect the
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and the staff in the Navy, so that in the forthcoming
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gressing muscular atrophy, and the daughter exhibits
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stupid. Gave brandy, 3 ij every two hours, alternat-
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superiority over those then in general use in the city.
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the rather ominous negative fact that, notwithstanding the length of
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dilated collaterals, the diagnosis is rendered difficult or impossible.
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most elaborately considered in the fourth volume of this work (p. 8-tl etseq.,
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freeing the sympathetic by operation the patient's symptoms, including
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To illustrate its exosmotic power, Carpenter, p. 140,
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more or less of a check, but required a large part of
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pyramids and the crura ; where it involves the lowest level, or the motor
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in the most varied combinations, and it is hardly possible to find any two
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liberal statement of the value of the treatment, which
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origin; II. (General symptoms; III. Physical and special signs; IV.
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suppurative phlebitis are ushered in by pain, which gradually increases

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