prefix " hydro " before the name of the other element
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Lymphangitis is not a specific disease, and thus diff'ers from
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perience, that they were. On this testimony conviction was se-
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is a little different from ordinary sleep. In fact, wak-
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to swallow, which sometimes occurs, it may be assumed that the pharynx
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While avoiding, then, as far as possible any trespass on the domain
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before that public to justify and defend his judgment
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instances tracheal stenosis has been seen with the laryngoscope. In a
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liv. — 14. Valleix. Traiti des nivralgies. Paris, 1841.
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associated with prolonged suppuration," Medical Times and Gazette, vol. ii. p. 207 : 1879.
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xlvii. p. 85. — 44. Dawson. "Diseases of Lymphatic Vessels," Twentieth Century
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sporozoon of the group gregarinoe ; and it is also stated that Virchow has
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the left ulnar nerve removed above the wrist Avas found normal (vide
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enlargement of the muscles is considered as a mark of strength, while
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coughed up a little blood, perhaps a couple of mouth-
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of this article to refer briefly to the normal anatomical relations of the
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Injuries," Arekivf. klin. Chir. v. Langcnhcck, 1882, p. 1. — 59. Smi.'^sf.n, C. van der.
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in tabes dorsalis, frequently exists without the former. Nevertheless,
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preface that " the chapters relating to the absorbent
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heard of this provoking difficulty with this useful
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investigations. Physiology and pathology are at one
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Causes. — The sacral plexus may be injured by diseases of the
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the first part of the aortic arch, leads to disease there. Such disease,
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the performance of small movements. The patient may be unable to
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slater already referred to (p. 354) might very easily have been suspected
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• the skin or joints; but very frequently the injury becomes limited to
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Pathology. — Mental shock may turn the hair Avhite, and it has been
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and middle fingers of the right hand may be used as
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greater portion of a limb, but as a rule limited to certain parts — such as
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meningitis, or by a gummatous growth in the nerve itself. On

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