around arteriole, art. Arteriole; I, leucocytes; ex, exudation; n, normal nerve fibres; nx,
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cian, he should consent to do so only after notifying
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nerves which, when picked out by disease, give rise to incoordination of
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there is but a difference of degree. In normal old age the tremor is
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an average fat is present to the extent of 1 per cent, while in chyle it is
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and the groin, forming a junction with the external iliac vein. The
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supraclavicular spaces), or forwards (towards the manubrium sterni and
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nicious anaemia. Its administration appears to cause increased forma-
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poisoning, both acute and chronic, it may be followed or accompanied by
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common event, but may nearly always be accounted for by the effects of
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cholesterin or pus. The contents of the cysts may jjresent widely different
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Periarteritis nodosa. — In 1866 Kussmaul and Maier described a
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secondary to only partly obliterative emboli riding the bifurcation of the
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in his " ncAV researches," to have considered the possibility of any con-
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thousands, of sick in great need of properly adminis-
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surely be followed by a rapid closure of such a tear
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carbon monoxide. It may also be caused by the micro-organisms which pro-
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sented the structure of normal thymus in parts ; elsewhere there was an
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toms such as is alluded to al)ove, may reveal to the physician the existence
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of his patients had such an attack three or four times
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tion is to prevent the grave consequences of traumatic
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of the iliacs, or possibly the femoral, and one to thrombosis of the arteries
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inflammation of a nerve ; but, as pointed out by Dr. Buzzard, this is not
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and may be intermittent when of reflex nervous origin. Deglutition
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provide against deception on the part of the patient, and to insure the
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the latter. The object in giving columba as a tonic,,

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