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atrophy ensues. That part of the hypothesis which postulates the
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presence of the class. The patient was a robust young
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there is enfeeblement and abolition of the pulse, associated with numb-
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hand was cold and numb, had a swollen, puffy look, and was completely
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pneumonia more frequently than from any other disease, has not wholly
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ance, again, in the white matter of the brain, right up to the gyral radia-
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the cases of Moeli and Zinn : but it is necessary to point out that the
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march, involving whatever may come in its path" (Hare). When of a hard
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periosteal abscess, Chassaignac writes : 2 "That which
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Resolved, That in his death we recognize a loss to the
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health and disease, we may take the following as a pro"\"isional and rough
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patronage of the drug stores that the proprietors will
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whispering pectoriloquy would probably be heard, and the voice might
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association of weakness or of inco-ordination of movement with the sensory
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Garrison, youngest son of Dr. J. B. Garrison and Gulaar©
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cases and in the closely-related chronic progressive bulbar palsy, is the evi-
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and mechanical stimuli ; it is stated that the motor centres can be
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societies and a petition from the State Medical So-
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disease is distinctly non-progressive. The paralysis
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disappointed in its results. It appears to act as a
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dominance of pathological changes in peripheral nerves is evidence that
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necessary before the end ; and often give the patient a fresh lease of life
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unsuspected ; and the chief value of physical diagnosis is clearly and un-
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in tabes dorsalis, frequently exists without the former. Nevertheless,
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