As regards the prospects for the relief of the sufferer

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Bd. vii. p. 929.-26. Pixcus. Deutsche Zeit. /. Chir. 1897, Bd. xliv. p. 179.—

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metastases, both with and without growth of the cells into the walls of

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the efferent part of this reflex arc would be concerned with the vaso-

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malignancy, especially in the later stages. The varieties that may be

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unilateral are smaller, but the median may extend from the jaw to

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first there may be found some difficulties as to the

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patient died thirteen months afterwards from carcinoma of the tongue;

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The true marvel, it may be repeated, is not that the vascular coats do,

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be stated generally that mediastinal growths are much more common than

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of antipyrin, phenacetin, or exalgin ; but when the suffering is very great

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2. Cardiac collapse, syncope, palpitation, etc. — In a very considerable

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at fifty most men, by a sure instinct, will have effected a compromise of

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embolic, belongs etiologically to the same general category. This was

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first firm and gray, then friable and yellow. In pulmonary tuberculosis

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us, as well as by the staff of the Midi in tertiary

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glands or connected with pulmonary phthisis. Possibly it m?y arise

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the left pleura; b, In the parenchyma of both lungs

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completely or nearly compensated by the collateral venous circulation,

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ulna, which healed with pseudarthrosis. The distance

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varicose pouches were distended with mercury, and a

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