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they generally succumb either to asystole, to nephritis, or to some infectious
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and two atomizers — the largest size, gotten for the
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Avill be found along the whole vaso-motor tract, nerve cells as well as
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describe first their anatomical relations and connections ; then to give in
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Berlin, klin. IVocfwnsch. No. 23; 1875. — 25. Laiin. "Ueber Yascularisation der
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Allg. med. Cenlr.-Ztq. 1865, p. 493.— 128. Ponfick. Virchow's Arch. 187i>, ]. p. 623.
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paralysis the reflexes and electrical excitability are abolished. Paralysis
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nication, admits the probable necessity of septicaemia
nant endocarditis." Aiterial strain thiough hard work, though admitted
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dependently led, almost by accident, to observe that in certain painful
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larised fibrous tissue " ; (?/) a small aneurysm of the opposite femoral, still
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Raynaud speaks of the nose and external ears being threatened, but
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extremities, as the result of temporary exposure to cold. Local
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partment, and no property to be protected by a police
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(v.) The great proportion of arterial disease among the inmates of asylums
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direct or oblique, is most easily treated by this opera-
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result of diphtheria and syphilis, in which latter condition it may indicate
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pass as arcuate fibres across the raphe and, entering the tegmentum of the
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that of primary systematised sclerosis — a fine sclerous change accompany-
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racy, and cannot prove otherwise than invaluable to
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appearance of other symptoms or physical signs suggestive of aneurysm.
Between these three kinds of ascites a good deal of confusion exists,
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tion. In the ball-and-socket joints, such as the hip and shoulder, the
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held just off the floor of the bladder to avoid being
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causitig spasm of the arterio-capillary system, increased peripheral resist-
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upon these signs. When the two conditions exist together it is said
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