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these patients died of the immediate effects of the perforation, one

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science; the appointment of a certain number of members each year, to open a

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others he found that a study of the character of the cells of the

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condensed and rapid sketch of all the facts connected with this inflamma-

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I. Why there was this entire lack of reaction on the part of the

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sent whenever there is a communication between the bronchi and the cavity of

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amenable to treatment. The problems to be solved are (1) how

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no way connected with chlorosis or pi'egnancy; and there is suflicient

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effect of arresting the absorption of the clot, and marring the process of cure. —

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in the back. He thought this was due to a slight attack of rheumatism

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induced the operator to fear that, for the first time in his life, he

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attempting to determine the amount of such excretion from the

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which is one and a half inches in diameter. Between the third and the

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so, it is so rare that it must be in a way considered accidental.

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and ten years respectively in which the honey-comb lung was due

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out, it inclined very much to the right side; the sensibility of the left side

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is the result of Andral's researches, and there is every reason to place confi-

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made by Dr. Janeway. There is great satisfaction in knowing that high

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food or by lavage. There are acid eructations, but nausea and vomiting

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two categories: (1) lack of thoroughness or of adequate oppor-

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the empty space, or fruitlessly, as when they act with real efficacy upon the

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cumstances of the patient, forbid me to hope for a perfect cure; but he has been

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under her dress as high as the um.bilicus,) in her hands.

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injection of the liquor ammon. subcarbon. per vaginam, as recommended by

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that it was only about 100°, and 80° is said in the books to be the

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abdomen, which was very thin, not over a quarter of an inch thick, the

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with it in the adult, it has generally began in early life.

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the stools, increased in the next few days and urobilin reappeared

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Of the substances naturally present in the body, sugar, phosphates,

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without the other. Sometimes they alternate; sometimes they

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