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Astley Cooper (l-i), in the case of an aneurysm involving the left common

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for from day to day. A rupture into the air-passages, as already remarked

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the amount of disability produced by the grossest disease of joints may

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early stages, were clinically indistinguishable from cases of rapidly fatal

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cussion) by the mesial line, or so as to extend equally to either side : and

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well as an accumulator of electrical or nerve energy, and that the myelin

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there are at first multiple lesions, occupying at the

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tary ; I have seen two brothers affected at the same time Avith syphilitic

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between the heart and the location of the embolus. Sources of aberrant

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in the same wards of the same hospital, after which

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dark red colour, central blood-clot, and polished surface suggest the

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vaso-motor paralysis by section of the sciatic nerve) ; (v.) sometimes a

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or with the gray nuclei, the paralysis is permanent.

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of compulsory vaccination is efficient and necessary,

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positive bearing on the prevention and treatment of the disease. The

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or they may not come on until a late period. Sometimes they occur in

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times runs an acute course, but is generally chronic. It is important to

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class pavilion hospitals are recommended to be built

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the sound eye. If, however, instead of the right external rectus being

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pied by the eruptions, and is most marked in those portions of the skin

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{(■) The thii'd point to be noticed in relation to the superficial thoracic

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a dispensary for nothing. This disposition to sneer

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Miescher's observations prove that lecithin, Avhich is closely allied to

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network. If the recent views previously mentioned concerning the

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a less rate than that charged to others ; and we de-

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