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{a) Catheterization. — In trying to introduce a curved

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internal and external recti muscles of opposite eyes (paralysis of con-

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may be remarked that it is a physiological rather than an anatomical

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the salivation speedily subsided, the arm and clavicle

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1896, xii. p. 297.— 186. GuTHEFL. Inaug.-Diss. Freiburg, 1892.— 187. Hayem. Bull,

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cutaneous reflexes, and often too the knee-jerks, are much increased.

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onstrate to himself or to his class his ability to deal

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cardiac muscle failure, (iv.) Shock and air hunger.

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the same time an opportunity will be afforded of emphasising those which

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cannot say therefore whether it follows the lines of a referred visceral

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higher. The liver, therefore, does not diminish the

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be applied over the larynx. The patient's condition

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than natural. The condition of the supra-spinatus, from its being covered

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arterial and the venous pressures. This result may be brought about

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do. Enlightened mankind do not, in mass, live up to

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