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" suggestion." In only one case have I had to repeat the
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Sir Andbew Claek, Bart. , IM. D. , F.R. S. , President, in the Chair.
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means of protecting the public, and the expenses of enforcing
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other than natural causes, it is a duty now imposed upon registrars to
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second, and fourth day) with sterilised culture of bacillus
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that the tumour was not of a malignant character, and
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he said was a good example of what careful dieting could do
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remuneration and in other respects were formulated in con-
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by Koch's method. The patient, a young man, aged 2i, was
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tenants and magistrates for the counties of England and
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London, on Wednesday, the 19th day of -A.pril next, at
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College, 11 A.M. to 1 P.M.— Professor Crookshank : Lecture,
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equal to 30 9 per l,orio, while it averaged .32 o in the thirty-two provincial
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phantiasis, and some cardiac cases.— Dr. .Siowebs exhibited
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> Read at the Annual Meeting of the British Medical Association, held at
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considerable doubt. Some indication of such a change is-
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case improvement occurs up to a certain point, but a greater
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The sum required is estimated at 150,000 dollars, of which

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