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almost instantaneously relieved by this method of treatment ; but a very

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absence of fibrin within the platelet masses for a considerable time after

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Elephantiasis is discussed elsewhere imder the chapters on filarial

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the motor cortex, basal ganglia, and cerebellum ; degeneration of ganglion

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the nutrition never really recovered itself between the paroxysms ; and

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2. An exploraiory puncture of the chest, by means of a fine trochar or

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Treatment. — As the disease is probably due to a congenital defect in

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the patient died of syncope rather than of angina. Lancereaux, in 1864,

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the governmental progress and administration of this

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Mdical Chronicle, vol. i. p. 316. — 15«. Forrest. "Case of Haematinuria," G'tosjf.

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is high, the sedimentation-time rapid, and the coagulation-time slow.

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if possible, viz., bed-soies, cystitis and pyelitis. In

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tention on the part of her nurse, to such a degree that

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the finger ends, the toes, and the nose. In local asphyxia there is no

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recorded by Kovacs, the fingers of both hands were the seat of movements

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extracts, soups and broths. Benger's food or peptonised gruel may be

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however, and against my general directions, which I

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directly or by pressure from a distance, are accompanied by this form

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" muscle spindles," and of nerve fibres to both muscle and skin, should

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Thus Dr. Koss knew a gentleman, of gouty parentage, who experienced

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kind of lympho-sarcoma. In elderly subjects, and if a growth could be

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be a nucleo-proteid which, by combination with calcium, forms the

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Verity's, Dr , universal suspension splint, Charles

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varicose aneurysm, was noticed, and a corresponding nuirmur was heard,

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Does Bactrim Treat Chlamydia