can be increased if they are well borne. In a small cretin, from one
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did the housework at home and slept in the same room with her sister. In
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The following table shows these rates for the countries and periods
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layer, dentate nucleus, granular layer, and medullary substance. In the cerebrum
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maximum and minimum absorption we determined the degree of
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that lymph stasis following obstruction can alone j)roduce ectasia;
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dren, they purchase monthly : 50 pounds of flour, 2 pecks cornmeal, 2 pecks
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cal tone. In these cases it may sometimes be heard at some distance
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As adjuvants to the treatment hitherto advised, I would mention
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Iii a number of cases we endeavored to produce the calcium effect
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this series, records were taken from the three customary leads. The tension
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occasionally in individuals undergoing emaciation from some wasting
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living near, and next door to a pellagrin, also developed the disease in May, 1913.
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1911 and 1912, by 15-year age groups. These figures indicate more
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narrowed by the encroachment of the fibrinous coagulum lining the
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again on contact with our own. Greek medicine of the fifth
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aching pain in the arms, chest, back, and legs, and of faintness. The
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remarkably close. In the group of colored females, out of ninety-
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A peculiarity of the phlebitis of chlorosis or ansemia is the ten-
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these are not really valid recoveries and it will be evident from what
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Thus nosologists have been disposed to set up "Types, ' ' and to look for
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Professor Underbill's little book may be said to be a pioneer in this direction.
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eighth or tenth day, there being at this time an access of feverish
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race, but partly by short, dark, long-headed people, often classed together
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spinal treatment on June 30 he was free from gastric crisis for three weeks, dur-
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pouch valves. The valve flaps consist of stout fibrillar connective
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till in the fourth week the monkey was very inactive, sitting still
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been present for some time. The character of the tremor may most
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stained with blood. The anxiety of cardiac asthma is more the dis-
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in both lungs {Medical Press and Circular, August 29th, 1894) .
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original situation. The same appearances are found in the skin of
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what prolonged and formidable task to perform. If the case comes
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velopment of its appendages, subnormal temperature, slowness in
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trunks. Thus chyluria, chylous ascites, or chylous discharges from

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